Millennials: A generation of trouble makers?

One of the most discussed topics in graduate recruitment nowadays, is how to find the best grads to develop and grow within companies - to create ‘home-made’ future leaders. To me it appears that recruiters/businesses struggle to find the right people and understand properly what millennials want from a grad programme or an entry level job.

How does everyone refer to this generation? Millennials, with a not so flattering reputation. But being one of them, I’m not quite sure whether we’re actually that hard to deal with! I’m constantly asking myself: are we really so picky with the jobs we want, demanding too much from the companies we work for and wanting to have everything at once? Do we show too little respect to people who have years of work experience and challenge authority too often? In a nutshell, are we all just trouble makers?

Or maybe we just know what we want, and are eager to work hard to succeed in our careers.

We want a great job in which we can learn as much as possible, and are frequently exposed to new challenges. Being stuck in a job that is repetitive is not the job for us. It gets boring quite quickly, is demotivating and doesn’t keep us on the tip of our toes. One aspect that is certainly true, is that we don’t like job descriptions that appear inflexible – not allowing any changes of what our daily tasks could be. We love hands on experience, with the knowledge that our role is unrestricted and evolving.

We want a supportive work environment, a line manager that supports our professional and personal development. We expect line manager, colleagues and senior leadership to be role models, as we observe and learn from their actions. There is nothing more discouraging then being part of a team which isn’t encouraged to continuously learn, improve and make full use of our strengths.

As any other employee in a company, we millennials thrive to become experts in our fields. We are happy to spend extra time on completing qualifications and reading work related books in our free time. This not only keeps our mind busy, but also enables us to gain the latest-industry knowledge and practices, making us more employable. Additionally, going above and beyond for your job indicates a genuine interest and passion for the job you are doing and our long-term commitment and loyalty.

So choose your career and future employer wisely. No one enjoys doing something that is not rewarding, or working with people one doesn't want to spend 8 hours of the day with. Luckily all our Arch Grads have found great placement and feel like they are continuously developing in a personal and professional way. Excited to see what the future holds for all of us!