10 things I learnt from 10 weeks on a digital graduate program

So, I graduated 2 years ago. Since then, I thought I had this so-called “real world” thing on lock down. I’ve been an intern, worked at a couple of non-for-profit organisations and did a bit of the whole travelling thing.  To be honest, I was sure there wasn’t much a 10-week training period for a digital business graduate scheme could teach me that I didn’t already know.

Turns out that being thrown into a room of 15 intelligent, driven and genuinely awesome twenty-something’s for 10 weeks taught me at least 10 things.  Here goes…

1.       Honesty = best policy.

(It’s number 1 because it’s the most important. Honestly.)


Interviewer: “Will you be a good fit for this company?”

You: “Yes, definitely! When do I start?” WRONG.
You: “Probably not.” Wrong again.

You “I’m not sure, but I have a few questions that might help me find out the answer…”

Nailed it. High 5 my friend.

To conclude, people respect honesty, and see right through BS.

2.       Networking is great.

And by networking, I mean “going-for-a-G&T-or-6-with-people-you’re-forced-to-hang-out-with-for-35-hours-a-week” because you let’s face it, working among friends just doesn’t feel like work.  

3.       Give up moaning.

It’s hot, your computer is slow? Hey me too. We have so much in common! Let’s grab a coffee sometime…*wink *

By all means, we all need a good rant now and then, but constant moaning can get real tiresome, real quick. I’m conscious that I’m moaning about moaning now. Moving on…

4.       Learn to like coffee.

In all honesty I never saw myself as a coffee drinker; I was always more of a peppermint (with a slice of lemon if I’m feeling adventurous) kind of girl. The reality is that the graduate scheme has changed me, maybe not in a profound way, but certainly into a more caffeinated version of myself.

5.        Enjoy those in-between lecture naps while you can.

This one is self-explanatory. Sleep is great. I miss sleep.

6.       On that note, lie-ins are no longer a thing.  

Body clock says no.  Even on weekends. Kind of annoying, but not much beats the feeling of waking up at 7am on a Saturday and lying in bed all morning, just because, you know, because you can.

7.       Every day is the new Friday.

“TGI Tuesdays?” “Why not Wednesdays?” “Thirsty Thursdays?” “You’re only in London once!” #YOLO.  Please bear with me whilst I cry into my empty purse.

8.       Statistics lectures are pretty useful

Yep, I not only think that, I have written it down for the world to see. Hours spent working on spreadsheets and crunching data suddenly don’t seem quite so pointless when you’re doing it on a daily basis.

9.       Surround yourself with amazing people.

Apparently you are a combination of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Considering you will spend more time with colleagues than you will sleeping, make sure that you find ones that inspire you to be the best you can be.

10.    Never stop learning.

A bit of a cliché, but you really are never too old to try something new, or change direction. 

Before joining the graduate scheme I was apprehensive to start working in a completely new field, but a short 10 weeks later I have learnt a lot of cool stuff, met a great bunch of people, and am ready to kick start my career in the digital business world.

Thanks Tabby for a great guest blog, we're hoping you're enjoying Agilisys!