New businesses, new demands and new skills = new ways of hiring.

Morning all!

As we’ve discussed many times in this blog, the world is changing faster with every day that passes. The invention of new technology sparks the innovation of even more state-of-the-art technology. Things happen faster, more efficiently, more digitally and more effectively than ever. With this has come the advent of many new things.

Pokemon Go, virtual reality, augmented reality, predictive texts, immersive gaming, machine learning, online gaming, social media and Instagram are just a few of today’s different data touch points which contain more data than anyone has any idea how to handle.

Every day we produce 2.5 quintillion bytes of data – meaningless right? That is the equivalent of 10 million blu-ray discs, which if you stacked one on top of the other, would measure the same height as 4 Eiffel towers. It’s incredibly difficult to wrap your head round what all that data looks like or what we can do with it, but there are some people that do exactly this.

Let me quickly introduce you to Fospha, one of the more forward thinking businesses I know. Fospha does exactly what we all can’t, it makes sense of data, it turns shed loads (technical term) of data into meaningful and useful information for businesses to use.

You can imagine that a business like this relies as much as any (or perhaps even more) on the quality of their people. They’re a business that is, in a very real way, only as good as the people they have working for them. Inevitably they’re the sort of business that finds bringing high level people into their teams very difficult. So when Jonathan (Attwood) the CEO and I started talking about what we could do with them it all got very exciting very quickly.

We have been able to develop raw graduate talent into the sort of people that thrive at Fospha. Jonathan is hugely passionate about bringing young talent into the business, but not because of any reason other than he believes they are often the best option. People with no bad habits, in fact quite the opposite, people with all good habits, all habits that we all wish we were in from day one. People with raw skills and the training to help them make an impact from day one.

Jonathan would be the first to say he hasn’t got our grads working in graduate roles, he’s got our graduates doing the roles of people with many years of experience. We’ve been able to do this, because we approached it (as you’d expect) with a scientist’s level of thought and detail. Planning what they’d need to know and by when, in order to achieve what… the proof is in the level of responsibility they have after barely a quarter of a year in their roles.

So, for (let’s call them) Myles and Melissa, they’re 3 months into their time at Fospha and, well, let’s just say it’s tough to get hold of them….

Until next week