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The digital revolution has asked a question of talent provision that the UK’s education system is unable to answer. Business growth is hindered, quality data-savvy talent has never been harder to find, hire and retain and at the same time we’ve failed to engage our richest source of new people, our graduates.

Whichever way you look at it, the data and analytics skills gap we all face is a significant challenge causing its own set of problems. Inflated salaries, short tenure and stalled digital transformation of business are some of them, but perhaps most significantly businesses are being forced to compromise on the quality of their people.

Compromising on the quality of people you bring into your teams has a number of significant consequences. Changing organisational culture, wasted time, wasted resource, lower quality output, inefficient systems, unproductive teams and poor business results are all immediate and damaging repercussions.

Arch Graduates is the partner with and through whom you will develop your next generation of Chief Data Officers. Arch Graduates is a 24 month Data Science and Analytics Fast-Track Graduate program comprised of 5 stages. 

Our 5 stage process

We reduce the risk to your investment by taking care of the employment arrangements, providing ongoing support to the graduate, and spreading the cost of recruitment, employment and training over a 24 month period.


"Where we learn about how you really work and what’s important." 

We start by getting to know your business and crucially the people in it intimately. 


"Where we scour the student population for your next generation of Chief Data Officers." 

We source our graduates only from the top universities in the country and then put them through a rigorous, multi-stage selection and testing process. 


"The ingredients to your success." 

We insist that you’re involved in designing and delivering parts of the curriculum, so every graduate you take on is focused around your business and the impact they can make.  

"Immediate and sustained value for your business." 

During the 21 month placement you’ll develop as much as your graduates and learning, and development gathers pace.

"Your sustainability is the heartbeat of what we do." 

We help you retain your next generation of digital leaders. 

The UK’s leading businesses have
chosen to work with Arch 

We provide a wealth of opportunities to high potential graduates to kick-start and break into exciting and rewarding digital careers across different sectors. Leading UK businesses are taking on digital talent through Arch.